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Dec 16,2006  Web site renewal

We renewed our web site  "MIM Design Web Site".


Apr 17, 2004  History page Update

The History page is updated. 


Jun 8, 2002  Web site renewal

We renewed our web site "internet MIM Drive".
The History pages were added in the MIM DESIGN - history.  


Sep 10, 2000  Gallery Update

The Computer Graphics pages are added in the gallery.  


Feb 4, 2000  Urgent news ; The trouble of the servers

A difficulty occurred in the web server and the mail server from January 29 until February 2. 
The trouble of the hard disk is the cause of the difficulty. 
Both servers recover at present. 
Please send it again when an E-mail is returned with "Returned Mail".

*translated by the Japanese-English translation software. *  


Apr 5, 1999  Urgent news ; The exclusion of SPAMMER

We discovered the evidence which our server was used for by SPAMMER in March 30. We made a mail server stop to prevent the activities of SPAMMER.  Then, we did the elucidation of the problem and restoration work.

The record which SPAMMER connected from uu.net was left in LOG of our FireWall. SPAMMER sent SPAM mail to many users by using our name.

Our mail server software had the function which prevented a third party relay. But, there is a problem in the software except for the mail server, and it seems that a third party relay was being done.

It took us about one week to solve this problem. Today, the same SPAMMER tried to use our mail server.  But, our mail server prevented a third party relay. We believe that SPAMMER won't be able to use our mail server any more.

*All the above sentences were translated by the Japanese-English translation software. *


Mar 30, 1999  Urgent news ; Attack from SPAMMER

Our mail server has taken attack from SPAMMER for several days.
SPAMMER sends SPAM to the user of AOL by using our name.
This is the method called a third party relay.

We stopped the mail server to prevent the relay of SPAM.
Now, we do the improvement of the mail server.
It is told here if a countermeasure is finished.

*This sentence was translated by the translation software.*


Feb 1, 1999 Design Center

We have changed the name of branch office  from "MIM DESIGN Development Center" to
"MIM DESIGN Design Center".

And our branch office has moved to here.


Aug 8, 1998 Welcome to our site!

Welcome to internet MIM Drive.