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We do the planning of the industrial  products and design, engineering and prototyping.


Development of Automobiles

Engineering from the development design to the mass production

  • Development of vehicles and development of design of the related part
  • Production of the prototype car and the concept car 
  • Development of technology of the mass production vehicles 
  • Evaluation test 

 Exterior and Interior Design

  • Design proposal 
  • 2D rendering and 3D modeling and rendering 
  • Full scale model
  • 3D animation 

 Development of preceding technology

  • Development of advanced technology. 
  • Examination and evaluation

 Design Clinic

  • Design Clinic System of the brain waves measurement method of our company patent 
  • Execution of the general design clinic

Product Design and Development

  • Car accessory parts (exterior and  interior) design and prototyping
  • Aero-parts design and production
  • Display Design for the exhibition 
  • Design clinic execution
  • CG animation for the promotion
  • Construction machine Design
  • Farm machinery Design
  • Electrical appliances Design
  • Other general industrial design , prototyping and development

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